Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Long Do Panic Attacks Last ?

A common question from sufferers of panic attacks is of course how long do panic attacks last. From all the sources that I have read, panic attacks can literally last seconds, or they can go for more than hour. So it is not possible to state an accurate time on what duration you should expect. There are even some cases where people have reported having a panic attack for over a week! BUT those were more like a heightened anxiety state rather than a full blown panic attack.

Why Panic Attacks Can Last So Long

It is important to understand the reason why panic attacks can last so long. Really think about this, as it will give you a clue as to what you can do to limit the duration. So what is the reason? Well, because you are so frightened of panic attacks and their symptoms, you will tend to think about them more often... and so your very fears then act as the fuel needed to keep the panic attacks going for longer than is necessary. So it is a vicious circle, and it explains very well why mindfulness techniques can work as well as they do.

So those who have a short panic attack (less than a minute) are usually those who do not harbor fears about panic attacks and their symptoms.

Try to limit your focus and attention on them, remove reasons which can encourage them and see if you can reduce them to below a minute. Try relaxing breathing methods, gentle exercise and distract yourself whenever you feel stress building.

Of course ultimately, even 30 seconds is too long and you will want to remove them entirely. And the good news is that you can! There are many effective treatment out there today, and I personally found success with a revolutionary method, and I am certainly not alone.

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