Sunday, August 31, 2008

Controlling Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The anxiety disorders result in a feeling of concern and deep distress. This sentiment eventually impairs thinking and daily functioning of the person who suffers and the challenge will be controlling anxiety and panic attacks.

So let's briefly look at some cause of anxiety and panic attacks.

Anxiety is sometimes organic origin and certain diseases can trigger such as heart or respiratory failure, myocardial infarction or a malfunction of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism). The abuse of certain drugs and certain drugs can also cause symptoms of anxiety. Finally, anxiety may be a symptom of a nervous breakdown, certain psychoses and most neuroses. Some theories have associated with sexual dissatisfaction, others to fear of losing something you love. Today, experts believe that anxiety disorders come from a combination of factors, both biochemical, psychological and behavioral, social and cultural rights.

There exist several type of anxiety one of theme is phobias which is more permanent and comprehensive, but it crystallizes on the particular circumstances that make it happen. You do not feel particular concern in your daily life, but the anxiety arises when you are facing the situation that triggers the phobia. Controlling anxiety and panic attacks in this case is easy: just avoid the situation that create it. The disadvantage is that many phobias correspond to situations that occur frequently throughout your life and they can therefore become very disabling and are much more difficult to manage. The most common are: agoraphobia, fear of public places and crowds, the claustrophobia: fear of enclosed places, elevators, airplanes, private rooms for example; zoophobies: fear of certain animals, mice, dogs, cats in particular.

There are two main types of phobias: on the one hand, social phobia, fear of situations in which one is confronted with relationships with others (fear of public speaking, fear of his superiors exaggerated, abnormal timidity in his personal relationships ...) and other phobias of objects or situations that do not involve social relations (claustrophobia, fear of animals).

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