Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Are Anti-Depressants?

Anti-depressants can also be referred as sedative drug. These days majority of anti-depressants medications are applied with a mixture of anti-anxiety. Anxiety attacks do not usually occur on its own; it is mainly the outcome of an inherent circumstance, and in majority of the circumstances is triggered by depression. Anxiety can also result to a crippling condition if it is left untreated, same goes to depression. This justifies the reason why majority of the doctors, first, handle the causes of the disorder instead of just its symptoms.

Anti-depressants nowadays consist of SSRI drugs. These involve Zoloft, Prozac and Paxil. They also have adverse effects which are sexual adverse effects, dryness of the mouth, sleepiness and reaction in the stomach. After you have taken the drugs, it will take sometime before it reaches your bloodstream. As for most persons, it usually takes about 2 weeks before you begin to look okay.

They also have adverse effects in the long run; this simply means that you should check your blood flow constantly to see that they don't get impaired to your kidneys or liver. As for most of the persons, ingesting the prescribed dose of these drugs will aid them to subdue the disorder. The downside of them is that it consumes a lot of time before getting inside your body and most persons just abandon them as they sense is not functioning well for them. The rest of others might believe that their depression has been treated and therefore quit taking the tablets. I don't recommend you to quit taking the drugs unless it is recommended and guided by a licensed medical practitioner.

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