Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Panic Attacks Are Triggered

Severe attacks are difficult for your loved ones to understand, unless you actually have experienced them yourself it is not easy to empathize. If you are dealing with panic attacks then you know the loneliness and isolation that they cause. Often times people with anxiety disorder or panic attack disorder become depressed and withdrawn because of the loneliness. Understanding what is happening to your body is the first step to cure panic attack symptoms.

Scientist have proven the changes in the blood flow to the brain during a panic attack. Blood flow in the brain actually changes. The front of the brain, called the prefrontal cortex, controls decision making and rationalization. During a panic attack blood flow moves from the front of the brain to the mid part of the brain, called the periaqueductal gray area. The mid part of the brain is where survival mechanisms are controlled. This is where the "fight or flight" instinct originates from.

Once a panic attack begins the blood flow in the brain has already shifted to the mid brain. Your brain is in control and it is almost impossible for you to regain control until the brain returns to normal activity.

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